Our Vision

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by offering a unique rejuvenation experience, creating a perfect harmony of the body and mind.

Who We Are

b-intense® is a wellness brand affiliated to the German BWT Group, is Europe’s largest water treatment equipment manufacturer.  Established in 1903, and having gone public in 1992, it expanded its activities throughout the world, with more than 40 subsidiaries; with official branches in Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Austria, and more.

About a decade ago Mgr. Birgit Weberndorfer, b-intense® Managing Director, was looking for ways to provide her clients with an energy boost throughout the year.  Observing her colleagues with seasonal ailments, sickness, and body aches, she dove into the positive effects of infrared sauna therapy.  Her initial research found the technology at that time to be clunky and strove to present a modern and aesthetically designed device for the health-conscious customer.

Seeking experts in the field, she eventually met Dr. Andreas Zimmermann, PhD in Physics and specialist in infrared research.  With over 20 years of experimenting and developing infrared cabins, Dr. Zimmermann, along with fellow medical experts, were able to develop a state-of-the-art full spectrum infrared technology, which today are the heart and soul of the b-intense® products.

What are Infrared
Light Saunas?

Unlike a traditional sauna that draws moisture from the body and heats your internal temperature to potentially dangerous degrees, our full spectrum infrared light panels are able to engage the lower skin layers and keep the body safely between 30 and 37 degrees Celsius. Excess heat is naturally dissipated from the inside out, decreasing the risk of dehydration or overheating. During an average session of 20 – 45 minutes, users experience increased blood circulation through major muscles, organs, and connective tissue, providing relief from muscular pains and tension.

Like a Swiss watch, the b-intense® relies on a multitude of precision pieces and technologies to produce the most energy efficient and effective product for our customers. A full-spectrum infrared filtered glass lamp is combined with a mirrored aluminum reflector and an integrated ventilation system to distribute heat, meaning there is no steam within the room and no warm up time needed to use it.

Our infrared light panels are suitable for all ages, including children and the elderly.

Our Patented Technology

b-intense®’s patented full spectrum infrared light therapy technology used by its emitters provide the full spectrum of the infrared (IR) wavelengths (IR-A, IR-B, and IR-C) to optimally combine the full health benefits of each wave pattern. It allows the user to have prolonged sessions without increasing the burden on the body, while the excess heat created within the body can naturally dissipate from the inside out.

IR-C stimulation heats the skin and promotes blood circulation.IR-B penetrates the dermis which improves skin condition and increases collagen production.  IR-A penetrates the deepest skin layers, which reduces swelling, increases skin tone and fights against natural aging.

3 Rays:

How Infrared Light Therapy Activates Skin

b-intense® vs. Traditional Saunas

Product b-intense® Traditional saunas
Temperature The temperature is maintained at a comfortable 30 – 37˚ C. The sauna room is heated as high as 50 – 70˚ C and sweating is triggered by the uncomfortably high ambient temperature.
Heating Effect Optimized full-spectrum (3 rays) infrared emitters heats your body from the inside out. Saunas are heated through hot air, rather than light technology, thus unable to penetrate deep into the tissues and improve circulation.
Speciality No steam is produced in the cabin. The gentle mode of this operation allows you to browse the internet, read, or work while using the cabins. Cabins can be installed into any room in your home. Steam and heated hot air is produced, limiting installations to specific locations (e.g. bathrooms or outdoor areas).
Control System Infrared light intensity can be customized and controlled individually. No control mechanism.
Limitations Not suitable for pregnant women. Not suitable for children, elderly, pregnant women, or those with cardiovascular diseases.
Session Duration 20-45 minutes. Longer time is required before any health benefits are noticed.
Warm up Time Unmatched technology with no warm up time required. Longer warm up time required. 10 – 20 minutes on average.
Power Consumption Our single cabin only consumes 1,050 Watts. 2000-3000 Watts.
Hygiene Patent

The b-intense® infrared light panels are hermetically sealed, so that dirt, dust, and impurities cannot contaminate the lamps, avoiding stains and performance degradation. The safety glass’ smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and always looking brand new.

Safety Certifications

The b-intense® light wave technology has been tested and certified by Seibersdorf Laboratories GmbH and TÜV Austria, as well as the FDA. Extended durability is guaranteed for 5000 operating hours, along with a 10-year lamp guarantee.