Does the room reach high internal temperatures while using the b-intense® products?

No, the interior temperature of the room while using the b-intense® products is always maintained at 30-37°C.  This temperature makes it suitable and comfortable for the whole family to use for extended sessions with your comfort level of attire.

Is b-intense® patented infrared light therapy technology safe for use?

Yes, b-intense® is safe and it has been tested and certified at Seibersdorf laboratory, GmbH. b-intense® light wave technology follows all safety limits set by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

It is suitable for all ages, young and old.  However, we do not recommend use during pregnancy.

Is the power consumption high for the b-intense® products?

No, the highly energy-efficient design of b-intense® ensures that minimal electricity is wasted.  b-intense® systems all consume less power than the average hair dryer.

Can I use electronics while using the b-intense® products?

Yes. Unlike a conventional sauna, the surrounding air of the room remains at a reasonable temperature and humidity level for devices to function correctly.  However, we suggest to not place devices directly in the line of the infrared light panels.

How long does the b-intense® take to warm up?

There is no warm up time required for the b-intense® products. You can plug in and select your options to start.

Does the b-intense® require customized installation?

The b-intense® operates similarly to a refrigerator. No permanent fixtures are required for installation, and a conventional electrical outlet powers our products.

How do I clean it?

The seats, backrests, and panels can be easily wiped down with a semi-dry cloth.

Is there any moisture or water accumulated through use of the b-intense®?

Unlike a conventional sauna, b-intense® does NOT build up moisture or water. No drainage is required.

What is the warranty period?

The warranty period for the infrared light emitter lamp is ten years (for non-commercial use) and two years for commercial use.

What is the difference between a typical sauna and b-intense®?

A typical sauna requires drainage and consumes a lot of electricity.  b-intense® does not need time to warm up, consumes less power and does not require drainage.  Maintenance level for b-intense® is low and easy-to-use.

Product b-intense® Traditional saunas
Temperature The temperature is maintained at a comfortable 30 – 37˚ C. The sauna room is heated as high as 50 – 70˚ C and sweating is triggered by the uncomfortably high ambient temperature.
Heating Effect Optimized full-spectrum (3 rays) infrared emitters heats your body from the inside out. Saunas are heated through hot air, rather than light technology, thus unable to penetrate deep into the tissues and improve circulation.
Speciality No steam is produced in the cabin. The gentle mode of this operation allows you to browse the internet, read, or work while using the cabins. Cabins can be installed into any room in your home. Steam and heated hot air is produced, limiting installations to specific locations (e.g. bathrooms or outdoor areas).
Control System Infrared light intensity can be customized and controlled individually. No control mechanism.
Limitations Not suitable for pregnant women. Not suitable for children, elderly, pregnant women, or those with cardiovascular diseases.
Session Duration 20-30 minutes. Longer time is required before any health benefits are noticed.
Warm up Time Unmatched technology with no warm up time required. Longer warm up time required. 10 – 20 minutes on average.
Power Consumption Our single cabin only consumes 1,050 Watts. 2000-3000 Watts.