Infrared Light Therapy 101

Have you wondered what health benefits you can gain from Infrared Saunas? What is infrared light therapy?

Take a few minutes and watch our deep dive interview with Miles Price, Founder and Functional Medical Practitioner of Peak Metabolism (, where he walks you through everything you need to know about Infrared Saunas – where it comes from, how it works, what to expect, and much more.

The Journey
to Your
Healthiest Self

Sweating, the one thing that everyone tries to avoid in our fast-paced, air-conditioned filled cities, is the best method of relieving your body of fatigue, toxic metals and chemicals.  Sweating through proper exercise and alternative methods (Infrared Light Therapy) are one of the most effective ways to live a sustainable healthy life. Especially as our modern lifestyles are becoming more fast paced and hectic, less time is spent on taking care of oneself.  Being stressed has become a social norm, leading people to be burdened with increasing pressure both physically and emotionally. We have limited time for exercise, resulting in an increase of chronic diseases and accelerated aging process.

b-intense® infrared light therapy products aim to combat these issues and offer a unique solution to our draining modern lifestyles; allowing you to relax, destress and sweat at any time, day or night, rain or shine; in the comfort of your own private space.

Healthy Spine,
Healthy Life

Our b-intense® infrared products are explicitly built to treat the backbone of our body, our nervous system.  It is through the spinal cord and its branching nerves that the brain influences the rest of the body, organs, nutrient transport, metabolism, and other functions.

Our modern-day lifestyle fosters excessive worry, fear, anger and resentment, making a lot of us sympathetic dominant, which can result in a toxic and nutritionally depleted condition.  Restoration and balance are vital to maintaining and healing all health conditions in the body.

Infrared light therapy is an effective method to help maintain this harmony and is a healthy method for eliminating stress and reducing mental and emotional tension.  After a session, you will feel vitalized, renewed, rejuvenated.

Key Benefits
Sweat and Detoxify

b-intense® infrared light therapy gently increases your core body temperature and promotes natural sweating; the best way to reduce fatigue, remove toxic metals and chemical waste, and purify your body.

Boost Blood Circulation

and Burn Calories

Increasing your core body temperature accelerates your body’s blood circulation and helps burn calories and fat.

Increase Collagen,
Promote Cell and
Cartilage Regeneration

b-intense® infrared light therapy stimulates fibroblast activity, promoting the reproduction of collagen and cartilage in your muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons.

Beautify Your Skin and

Slow Down Effects of Aging

b-intense® infrared light therapy improves overall skin moisture retention, making skin healthier, more radiant, elastic and younger.

Boost Immunity and Vitalize Cells

b-intense® infrared light therapy slightly raises the core body temperature to improve blood circulation to muscle groups throughout the body, providing relief from backaches, headaches, limited mobility, stomach problems, and a variety of other common ailments. The infrared light activates cells that strengthen the body’s’  overall immune system, helping heal muscles and reduce recovery time.

Accelerate Metabolism

and Increase Oxygen Supply

Heating the lower layers of skin increases overall blood circulation, and promotes metabolism. Enhancing blood circulation increases the amount of oxygen supply to your vital organs, extremities and the rest of your body; giving you more vitality.

Soothes Pain and Stress

b-intense® infrared light therapy assists you in reducing the grip of mental and physical stress. Stress has an acidifying effect on the body and during times of stress the body focuses on mobilizing the system for survival over healing.

b-intense® infrared light therapy can assist in relieving tight or injured muscles. b-intense® can help you treat arthritis, reduce recovery time for muscle aches or injuries, and is perfect if you’re looking for the right amount of warm-up or post workout cool down.

Autonomic Nervous System:
Harmonizing your Body’s State
of Rest & Digest

Within 15 minutes of b-intense® infrared light therapy, your body will relax and activate the parasympathetic state; this state puts your body in a rest and digestive state, which reduces cortisol levels (your body’s primary stress hormone) and allows your body to heal itself.

Upon stepping out after a light therapy session, your cortisol levels (your body’s primary stress hormone) will almost immediately drop to a new baseline, leaving you feeling more tranquil. In addition, infrared light therapy stimulates the release of “feel good” neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, giving you a boost of energy after a relaxing session.

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